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    Important Facts About Branded Merchandise

    1,The average cost-per-impression of a branded product is only $.005 cents.

    2,Promotional products are 49% more effective than coupons.

    3,A promotional pen is used, on average, 18.2 times a month.

    4,90% of consumers still own a branded product they've received in the last 24 months.

    5,A typical promotional product is kept for 5+ months.

    6,52% of people who receive a promotional product will do business with that company.

    7,The average female consumer owns 5 promotional mugs, and the average male consumer own 8 promotional hats.

    8,84% of consumers remember the company who issued a promotional item.

    9,42% of consumers have a more favorable impression of a company who gives out promotional items.

    10,Companies that give promotional products receive 22% more referrals than companies who don't